“Cooper’s Story” John Paul Pet shares: how to save a life

Cooper’s Story … as told by Cooper

W oof! My name is Cooper, and I’m 1½ years old.  I’m very colorful, from what I can see … and I have this short little tail that wags when I’m happy or having fun!  Humans seem to smile at me often these days, and I feel really special, but that wasn’t always the case.

When I was a little puppy, I remember this nice girl who came to pick me up and take me home. I was really scared because it was the first time I was away from my mom and brothers and sisters.  I went to small space that was inside, and I didn’t get to go out and run and play and roll in the grass anymore.  The nice girl would get angry with me and say loud words when I would jump up, or knock something over … but I had all this energy inside that just bubbled out … I couldn’t stop it.

One day, the girl took me to the man in the white coat.  I had seen him before when he stuck me with needles … but I forgave him because he would always have a big smile for me.  That day, she said some things I didn’t quite understand … putting me to sleep or something like that.  My bed was at home, why would I sleep here?  The nice man said no, and that I should stay with him.  I didn’t mind because he was so nice.

A few days later, another nice lady came to get me and took me to her home.  I didn’t know her and was scared, because I didn’t know this new place.  She was very nice and life seemed to become routine until one day she went away.  When she came back, she was very sick and couldn’t play with me any longer … she would cry out if I jumped up to play … and I was taken away.

My next home was with a nice man, and I really liked him!  His name is Matt.  He had other dogs for me to play with. Matt taught me manners, so that then we went to my favorite place, the dog park, everyone smiled at me.  I saw lots of other humans and their dogs.  It was so much fun!

While I was with Matt, I caught a cold and went back to a man in a white coat.  I was afraid that I had done something bad and was going to be taken away from Matt.  Instead, I got to go home with Matt, and he gave me medicine, so I would feel better.  I didn’t mind because I got to stay with Matt.

Coopers Story

It was so nice to see Matt!


One day, Matt took me to visit a family who lived in a really neat place with a huge backyard.  There was a Mom, Dad and two dogs … Emma and Eddie.  Emma did not like me at all!  She kept staring at me and refused to play … but Eddie and I ran around and rolled on the ground and played, and played until we got tired and had to take a nap.  Matt and the humans talked while we rested, and then it was time to go home.  I liked this new place with Eddie, but was glad I could go home with Matt.

A few weeks later Matt took me for another car ride.  The place we stopped looked and smelled familiar … and hey, it’s Emma and Eddie … oh, my best friend Eddie!  We were so happy to see each other!  We played and played … but then Matt was leaving and not taking me with him.  Oh no!  Did I do something wrong?  Matt took me aside and told me that this was my new home, and I could stay and play with Eddie all the time.  I was really happy about that!  Bill and Karen were really nice, they smiled at me a lot and gave me cookies and toys to play with.  Maybe this would be okay.  But, I was so sad to see Matt go.

My new home is perfect!  Emma started to like me … a little.  She would chase me and that’s fun, but Eddie is my best pal ever.  We play tug-o-war, chew on sticks and run around the backyard as much as we want.  Sometimes I think about Matt and am sad … but my new life is awesome!

One day, this lady came to visit, along with Matt. The lady smiled and smiled at me, and brought a great big basket of grooming stuff and toys.  I felt like I should know her … but I had never seen her before.  I hoped she wasn’t going to take me away. It was so good to see Matt!

The lady’s name was Gina, and she had something to do with me finding my new home, and for that I am very grateful.  She saw my picture and wanted me to come live with her, but another dog who needed a family showed up at her house.  So she called all of her friends hoping that one would let me live with them, and she could come and visit me.  She smiled and smiled at me, she knew I was in the right place.  She played with me and let me taste the basket with stuff in it, and she never stopped smiling at me.  She took pictures of me with my new family.  And I had my picture taken with her, too… I think she really likes me a lot!

What a wonderful forever family I have, I know I am a lucky dog!

Emma, Bill, Karen, Eddie and me

Me and Gina

Sharing her thoughts on Cooper’s story, Gina concludes, “This experience was a reminder … it only takes a phone call, a Facebook posting, telling a friend or sharing a story with a stranger – it only takes a moment to begin the journey that will save a life.  I hope this inspires all of us to stop and think twice when we see a pet in need.  Reach out to a friend, share a posting, do one little thing that could mean everything.”

John Paul Pet’s mission is to serve and educate the pet community. The One Million Pet Adoption Campaign is dedicated to supporting adoptions, while promoting health and wellness for the pet.

For more information and to explore ways to assist the One Million Pet Adoptions program, please email Gina Dial, ginad@johnpaulpet.com.



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